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Glass Half Full/Glass Half Empty

I am now midway through my 8-week contract and, as I said last week over at the HQ, I am Blessedly, gloriously exhausted.

It feels soooo good to work again.

Just as I always have, I spend my free moments at work looking for opportunities to make a greater contribution, which usually goes to process-improvement or communications. I’ve yet to come to think of myself as a “contractor” with no particular promises for future employment. Instead, I see myself as an employee who can contribute, and thus I do, yet…

In my short time with the company I’ve completed all of my tasks ahead of time and have taken it upon myself to identify incongruities in the data that will pose a problem when they bring on their new TMS software. When a co-worker was asked to forward an information packet to me, he sent the wrong packet, so I made the best of the situation by reviewing the entire document, making numerous corrections in grammar and flow and, in the end, created an SOP suitable to the entire division. This past week I have begun to review their communications capabilities and have found it seriously lacking in every conceivable way:

Dreadfully-written collateral pieces

A frighteningly out-of-date website wherein 4-year old accomplishments are touted

No method for mass communications with customers

Little to no knowledge within the company ranks of the company’s own products

I’ve been feeding my findings, bit by bit, to my boss, the department head. Today, however, I created an outline based upon my findings and submitted samples of their existing copy, along with editorial notes, and a fully revised version that flows (and sells!) much more effectively. I created a folder, inserted the outline, the web edits, and several pieces of current collateral (with edits) and put them on his desk. Yet, I am beginning to wise up.

I will identify the issues and offer my services to resolve them, but I am a fool no more. No job… no contract… no freebies.

Now I wait.

I am at the hump-day of my contract and I need a job, but what I really want is the right job, and I just might be on the verge of getting it. I’ll keep praying that God’s will be done and accept the outcome.

In the meantime, I’m having a blast, and I’m trying not to focus on the empty half of the glass.


It’s Memorial Day… again

Don’t get me wrong, that “again” isn’t the result of a tiresome sigh, it’s the recognition that, despite all that will ever come ahead for us, the history of this great nation does not change. Sure, the left and their conspirators in the media can try and hush it up. They can try and shove the truth into a corner, but it will always break free. The age of social media guarantees it.

That sigh is in recognition of the million who have fallen since the inception of this great nation, in defense of her freedom, and of ours.

That sigh is in recognition of the fact that war and death are an inevitable part of living.  We may fancy ourselves civilized creatures but every classification follows a bell-curve and, for every delusional lefty elitist who envisions a pristine world where we all live in harmony, there’s a power-hungry or crazy or just plain mean bastard out there ready to do them in.

You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms! You’re right. You also can’t hug them with the stubs left behind after some Islam-loving jihadi whacks them off with a machete’. Too harsh a rendering for you, cupcake? Too damned bad. That’s life as we know it today and, if you folks on the left keep trying to hug the hate out of those who want us dead, well, you will find yourselves the easiest of the targets among us.

Whether the gang-bangers in your neighborhood, the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor, or a radical religion bent on world domination, each requires a swift, sometimes brutal response. They require the same level of brute force which would be targeted against any enemy invading your home. I promise you that when a stranger climbs through your window in the middle of the night, and your children lay in bed in the next room, filling the attacker with your love will be the last thing on your mind, And, if that day comes, you might just wish you had a way to protect yourself.

America is our home. Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines , and Guardsmen are that necessary force which seeks to repel the enemy. They fight to protect our home while we lay sleeping. They lend the most gentle of hands to those in need, cradling babies following a vicious attack by the enemy or by providing a bite of food and a pat on the head to a stray dog in a war zone. They do a job that most of us could not do and they do it well. They deserve our respect and not to have the job they do belittled and, when they die in the pursuit of our protection, well… one weekend a year hardly seems enough to pay tribute to their sacrifice and to the sacrifices of all who loved them.

The million who have been lost will not be the last so, each night, when you say your prayers, ask God to hold close those who stand guard over us as we sleep.

In my mind, a prayer is the very best, and the very least, we have to offer.


God Bless them all.

Here We Go Again

I’ve tried this blogging thing before. Back around 2004/2005 a commenter at Velociman’s place, in a not-so-low pressure attempt to persuade me to blog, set up a site and handed it over to me. That blog was Devine Innerbitchin’ and, for a while, I enjoyed posting there. And, for a while, I stayed with it. Then…. I discovered that when you put yourself out there for the world to see, at least a couple of folks will come to believe that they have some sort of personal attachment to you. They forget where the boundaries lie and, in one instance, whilst chatting on the phone with someone I had come to consider a friend, was informed oh-so-delicately that he had been jacking off the entire time. In another, a commenter assumed a familiarity and became ever more forward and, when I did not choose to play his game, became hostile towards me.

That was then.

This is now.

I’m not so naive now and I will cut you off at the knees if you try that crap here. All are welcome, but not all behaviors are welcome, and if you cross the line… well, I won’t hesitate to block your ass.

Perhaps this seems a bit harsh for a welcoming post but, there it is. The ground rules are laid out for all to see, right from the get-go.

Now, let’s have some fun, do a bit of bitching and moaning, and generally get what’s on our minds, off our chests.

Welcome to Divine Innerbitchin’.