Glass Half Full/Glass Half Empty

I am now midway through my 8-week contract and, as I said last week over at the HQ, I am Blessedly, gloriously exhausted.

It feels soooo good to work again.

Just as I always have, I spend my free moments at work looking for opportunities to make a greater contribution, which usually goes to process-improvement or communications. I’ve yet to come to think of myself as a “contractor” with no particular promises for future employment. Instead, I see myself as an employee who can contribute, and thus I do, yet…

In my short time with the company I’ve completed all of my tasks ahead of time and have taken it upon myself to identify incongruities in the data that will pose a problem when they bring on their new TMS software. When a co-worker was asked to forward an information packet to me, he sent the wrong packet, so I made the best of the situation by reviewing the entire document, making numerous corrections in grammar and flow and, in the end, created an SOP suitable to the entire division. This past week I have begun to review their communications capabilities and have found it seriously lacking in every conceivable way:

Dreadfully-written collateral pieces

A frighteningly out-of-date website wherein 4-year old accomplishments are touted

No method for mass communications with customers

Little to no knowledge within the company ranks of the company’s own products

I’ve been feeding my findings, bit by bit, to my boss, the department head. Today, however, I created an outline based upon my findings and submitted samples of their existing copy, along with editorial notes, and a fully revised version that flows (and sells!) much more effectively. I created a folder, inserted the outline, the web edits, and several pieces of current collateral (with edits) and put them on his desk. Yet, I am beginning to wise up.

I will identify the issues and offer my services to resolve them, but I am a fool no more. No job… no contract… no freebies.

Now I wait.

I am at the hump-day of my contract and I need a job, but what I really want is the right job, and I just might be on the verge of getting it. I’ll keep praying that God’s will be done and accept the outcome.

In the meantime, I’m having a blast, and I’m trying not to focus on the empty half of the glass.


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